According to Dr Ian Barr of of the Globe Health Organisation.

In New Zealand biosecurity officials have been assessment specimens from four types of migratory birds which have recently arrived from arctic Russia. Testing methods have involved injecting the swabbed samples from the birds into fertile hens eggs which are then harvested and examined for bird flu pathogens. They have much less yet found the virus presently causing therefore much concern in Asia and Europe. At a gathering of the 21 countries belonging to Asia Pacific grouping, APEC, in Australia, pandemic and disaster experts will discuss the continuing risk of bird flu. Since the H5-N1 stress of bird flu re-emerged in 2003 it has killed more than 60 people in Asia. The gathering is definitely likely to tackle problems such as for example border closures, antiviral drugs and how exactly to maintain essential services throughout a bird flu outbreak..In some full cases, a zone of combined, or brackish, water can expand 50 % further inland underground than it does above ground. Like saltwater, brackish water is not safe to drink since it causes dehydration. Drinking water that contains less than 250 milligrams of salt per liter is considered fresh water and safe to beverage. Motomu Ibaraki, associate professor of earth sciences at Ohio State, led the study. Graduate student Jun Mizuno presented the results Tuesday, October 30, 2007, at the Geological Society of America conference in Denver.