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To qualify for the study, volunteers must be aged between 18-65 years, overweight but otherwise healthful and not on treatment for bloodstream lipids or blood pressure, in a position to walk for 45 minutes 3 x per week and in a position to beverage cocoa for 12 weeks starting in July. The cocoa trial is normally one of three studies becoming undertaken at the Nutritional Physiology Research Center, a joint initiative of UniSA and the University of Adelaide. People who meet certain criteria will become invited to volunteer for just one of three 12 week dietary intervention trials involving the use of soy with dairy, fish oil combined with exercise, or exercise and cocoa..Cellulite could be severe with obese people and surplus fat localization, but it isn’t obviously associated with weight loss or being overweight, it can occur in slender petite women even, meaning bodyweight has little related to its appearance or occurrence. Why it happens in women at the most, and on this region of the pelvis and thighs alone, is not fully understood but a valid description could be gravitational force and the physique as well as hormonal functions of women. But that doesn’t mean that men under no circumstances obtain cellulite, it is uncommon just. CARRYING EXCESS FAT and Having Cellulite at the Same Time Cellulite is fat occurring in same or similar concentration in slender people, however, obese people tend have more severe problems in shifting it permanently.