And children as young as eight years older should be placed on prescription statin medicines.

The catch? They have to provide a contestant who is experiencing the benefits of multiple pharmaceuticals that the drug companies claim enhance consumers’ wellness. You can read the full information on that challenge right here: To date, not really a single drug company has dared to meet up this challenge. Is it possible to guess why? Because pharmaceuticals cause you to sick, not healthy. The more medications a person will take, the worse their health gets! It’s true with adults, it’s accurate with senior citizens, and it’s really true with children aswell. Big Pharma is an industry based on fraud. It is usually, in fact, a criminal operation that preys on the bodies of innocent kids who will only become harmed by these patented, high-profit synthetic chemicals which have no accepted place in the human body to begin with.CDC blatantly lying to American general public about vaccine security What this suggests is definitely that vaccines are possibly being used as bio-weapons, particularly against males, as higher estrogen amounts in girls appear to mitigate the harming ramifications of mercury that are most pronounced in the presence of testosterone. Dr. Haley doesn’t make this claim, of training course, but he does think that the CDC has been lying about vaccine safety for many years, a long time before the whistleblower came forward with the truth. This is obvious in the dismal infant mortality price of U.S.-born children, who fare the worst among all other industrialized countries virtually.