Beneficial effects of efas in children with autism and Aspergers syndrome Nordic Naturals.

Beneficial effects of efa’s in children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome Nordic Naturals, a supplier of seafood oil and important fatty acid natural supplements, declared today the results of an effective pilot trial that showed helpful effects of efa’s about language and learning skills in children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. The scholarly study, completed in 2004, was executed by Louise Patrick, an authorized speech and vocabulary pathologist, and Ronald Salik, MD at a pediatric clinic in Arizona. A written report of the pilot trial are available in the January/February 2005 problem of Autism-Asperger’s Digest 100% safe .

cytoxan for ovarian cancer

Both groupings had been treated with hormone therapy together with exterior beam radiation therapy. In the long-term hormone therapy group, 62.5 % of patients showed a larger control over their PSA level, weighed against 37 % in the short-term group. The five-year overall survival price was 87.5 % for the long-term group and 75 % in the short-term group. The opportunity of dying of prostate tumor was reduced from 18 % to 6 % in the long-term group. ‘Other randomized trials show the benefit of merging radiation and hormone therapy in the treating prostate cancer. Nevertheless, some of these reports look like limited to patients with a higher Gleason score,’ stated Eric Berthelet, M.D., lead writer of the scholarly research and a radiation oncologist at the BC Tumor Agency in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.