Apollo launches telemedicine services in Yangon The Apollo Group of Hospitals.

The network provides Tele-Education, Tele-Medicine, Internet, voIP and video-conferencing services via satellite and fibre optic network. General, this technology aims to boost healthcare gain access to through effective utilisation of it,’ said Ms. Preetha Reddy, Handling Director, Apollo Hospitals Group. ‘This project will enable us to move to the next level of treatment and will open new avenue for our people to explore most recent medical facilities offered by Apollo Hospital in real time,’ said Dr. Kyaw Min, Director of Keen Cie Co. Ltd., Yangon, Myanmar.. Apollo launches telemedicine services in Yangon The Apollo Group of Hospitals, among Asia's largest healthcare providerm, formally announced the launch of its telemedicine service in Yangon on 4th December 2012.On average, the smaller the individual, the less caffeine essential to produce side effects. However, caffeine sensitivity is certainly most suffering from daily caffeine intake. People who regularly drink beverages containing caffeine create a reduced sensitivity to it soon. This means they want higher dosages of caffeine to attain the same results as somebody who doesn’t drink caffeinated drinks often. Therefore, the more caffeine kids take in, the more caffeine they’ll need to experience the same results. In addition to being more susceptible to the consequences of caffeine predicated on size, younger kids are more sensitive because they haven’t been subjected to it as much as older kids or adults. Caffeine moves through the body within a couple of hours and is after that passed through the urine .