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Blood circulation pressure , measured while asleep correlates better with center attacks and strokes compared to blood circulation pressure measured in the doctor’s office, explains Rajiv Agarwal, MD . However, if blood pressure measurement disturbs rest, then it could weaken the partnership between ‘sleeping BP’ and these cardiovascular events. Along with his data-supervisor, Robert Light, BS , Agarwal analyzed the outcomes of 24-hour blood pressure monitoring in 103 patients with kidney disease.Kent Osborne, M.D., director of the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Middle and the Lester and Sue Smith Breasts Center at Baylor College of Medicine and president of the symposium, on Friday will host a Drugs in the Pipeline press conference, Dec. 11, at 8:00 a.m. CT, in area 217C of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.S. Targeting Intrinsically-Resistant Breast Cancers Stem Cells with Gamma-Secretase Inhibitors Treating breast malignancy with a Notch pathway inhibitor reduced the power of cancer stem cells to replenish themselves and promote tumor growth, researchers reported at the CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breasts Cancer Symposium. These results suggest that ongoing clinical trials testing this course of agents can offer promising results, especially when coupled with other anticancer treatments.