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An optimized formulation with considerably improved corneal absorption led to substantial IOP reduction without significant hyperemia in a subsequent Stage 1b research. Dr. Jack Elands, CEO of Amakem, said: ‘AMA0076 has demonstrated IOP reduction without significant hyperemia, the first ROCK inhibitor to achieve this goal in the clinic. The experience we gained inside our first-in-human study and the subsequent medical evaluation of our fresh formulation gives us great self-confidence as we begin this dose-ranging study.’ Dr. Steve Pakola, Chief Medical Officer of Amakem, said: ‘Glaucoma continues to be a significant reason behind vision reduction and blindness and affects many millions of people world-wide.A number of different water sources have been identified as the origin of outbreaks during the last couple of years: Cooling towers and air-conditioning systemsSwimming poolsHot tubs and whirlpoolsWater systems in hospitals and nursing homes and hotelsDiligent cleaning and inspection can prevent the spread of the disease from these resources. Although this is the most common type to pass on Legionnaires` disease, there are reviews of people obtaining ill from contaminated soil. The bacteria are not transmitted from person to person.. Dark adolescents are as achievement-oriented as white adolescents Despite a common belief that peer pressure against high academic achievement is prevalent among black learners, a fresh study conducted by experts at the University of NEW YORK at Chapel Hill and Duke University implies that that isn’t usually true.