Artificial pancreas works in research.

Parents of children with diabetes often worry so much concerning this that they sneak into their bedrooms at evening to check on their child’s blood-glucose monitor. For the new study, all individuals had sensors that continually monitored their blood sugar. Half of these had regular insulin pumps and the others got pumps programmed to avoid supplying insulin for just two hours when blood glucose fell to a particular threshold. Over 90 days, low-sugars episodes were reduced by about one-third in people using the pump with the shut-off feature.‘Our study was also able to demonstrate that, for sufferers at the average risk for GI bleeding, beginning PPI cotherapy at a younger age was cost-effective marginally, while beginning PPI cotherapy at an older age was highly affordable,’ says Sameer Dev Saini, M.D., M.S., clinical lecturer in the Division of Gastroenterology at the U-M Medical School. ‘Ultimately, physicians should discuss the gastrointestinal dangers of low-dosage aspirin with their sufferers and consider PPI cotherapy.’ Study results appear in the Aug.