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Published in ACS’ journal, Environmental Research & Technology, it provides the first broadly based details on levels of the nanomaterial – a source of concern with regard to its potential health insurance and environmental effects – in a wide range of consumer products. In the scholarly study, Paul Westerhoff, Ph.D., and colleagues point out that titanium dioxide is a common additive to numerous consumer products, from meals to color to cosmetics.The increase in cost of sales was in line with the increase in sales. In addition, the increase in cost of product sales was also due to the boost of the sales quantity and the purchase price of Sanqi which is the main raw material of our main product Xuesaitong. Although we have started to grow Sanqi within the Vacation resort, we will not be in a position to harvest until 2014 because it has a three-year growth cycle. Gross margin: Our gross revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2012 was approximately $6.7 million in comparison with approximately $5.6 million for the 90 days ended March 31, 2011, a rise of around $1.1 million, or 18.9 percent.