CDC: More teens cigarette smoking e-cigarettes.

Increases in the advertising and availability of these products – – along with a misconception they’re safer than cigarettes – – may be fueling these boosts in kids. ‘This statement raises a reddish flag about newer tobacco items,’ said Frieden. ‘Cigars and hookah tobacco are smoked tobacco – – addictive and deadly.’ General, about 7 % of middle school learners reported smoking any tobacco item along with 23 % of students, rates unchanged from 2011. The new survey was published Nov.Avoid antibiotics – You can find alternatives There are circumstances when antibiotics are essential and sometimes life-saving. Serious infections of the anxious system, kidneys, bloodstream, and lung area require antibiotics. But common respiratory and ear attacks, for example, don’t need antibiotics. Many of these are due to viruses anyway, so antibiotics could have no benefit. And antibiotics could cause significant adverse wellness effects, including setting your body up for long term infections. Antibiotics kill off helpful bacteria that discourage attacks.