CGEN-15001 administration shows dramatic therapeutic potential in CIA animal model Compugen Ltd.

Zurit Levine, Compugen’s VP of R&D, stated, ‘We are extremely excited about the pronounced efficacy of CGEN-15001 within an extra autoimmune disease as it substantially broadens the therapeutic prospect of this novel molecule and additional validates our Protein FAMILY Discovery System. Modulating the immune system by the use of protein therapeutics targeting B7/CD28-like detrimental co-stimulatory pathways, such as for example CGEN-15001 and its membrane protein form, can be an area of extensive research and has considerable potential in the advancement of new therapies for multiple autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as cancer. The higher level of interest in this field led to Compugen’s recent concentrate on the B7/CD28 protein family members which has resulted thus far in the discovery of nine novel proteins predicted to be previously unknown members of the family.‘It’s a Caucasian disease with a wide spectrum of symptoms; not absolutely all patients are similarly affected, but we don’t realize why this is the case,’ Koning said. ‘It really is known to end up being associated with the HLA-DQ2 gene,’ he mentioned, ‘but while about 25 percent of the white inhabitants has this gene, no more than one in 100 obtain the condition, so it’s a really quite puzzling disease in many ways.’ Currently the only way to elude the condition symptoms is by staying away from wheat, barley and rye products.