Cenderitide may preserve cardiac function after heart attack The National Heart.

Mayo researchers invented cenderitide to activate two different subtypes of GC receptors, which uniquely differentiates cenderitide from additional GC stimulating peptides. Cenderitide, a designer peptide produced from the venom of the green mamba snake, may aid in the preservation of cardiac and renal function pursuing serious cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and acute decompensated heart failure. In November 2011 At the annual conference of the American Heart Association, Fernando Martin, M.D., a extensive research fellow in the Cardiorenal Analysis Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, presented key analysis data demonstrating the ability of cenderitide to avoid the death of center cells..Among MUARC’s tasks has been to test the broadly held assumption that older drivers self-regulate by staying away from certain circumstances while driving. A survey of 656 current drivers and 29 former drivers from across Victoria exposed some had stopped due to illness, safety problems or crash involvement, while others had been influenced by the worries of doctors and family members, as well as the fact that they no longer enjoyed driving. Dr Charlton says the study revealed that self-regulating drivers often drove shorter distances and much less often and avoided traveling in the wet, during the night and in busy traffic.