School Assembly Programs

Diane E. Dunn offers educational programs for elementary school music classes. Diane gives students the opportunity to see and hear a modern version of the type of harp that has been played for over twelve hundred years.

Diane brings her harp to the music room so students can learn:

  • a short history of how this type of harp developed
  • how the harp music sounds
  • how the harp is played
  • of what materials it is made
  • why the strings are different colors
  • how the sharping levers change the pitch of the strings
  • the sound of long strings vs. short strings
  • how the harpist tunes the harp (almost every day)
  • how the harp is covered and transported

These programs are most appropriate for music classrooms. Diane wants to make sure that all students are able to see the details of the harp, hear the music, and have time to ask questions. For upper elementary students, Diane will also share details regarding being a professional musician.

For fees and availability, please contact Diane.