Blood-coagulating drug despite evidence it could cause clots in the lungs.

Have rejected it as a standard treatment for trauma patients, and other hospitals are wary of administering it because the drug has never been put through a large-scale medical trial to verify that it is safe for sufferers without hemophilia.. Army docs use of dangerous medication labelled inappropriate and irresponsible American soldiers wounded in Iraq are being treated with a potent critically, experimental, blood-coagulating drug despite evidence it could cause clots in the lungs, heart and brain, leading to strokes, heart death and attacks.In the largest, most diverse healthy sample studied to date under controlled laboratory conditions, results display that sleep-restricted topics who spent only four hours during intercourse from 4 a.m. To 8 a.m. For five consecutive nights obtained more excess weight than control subjects who were during intercourse for 10 hours each night from 10 p.m. To 8 a.m. The scholarly study found an overall increase in caloric intake during sleep restriction, which was due to an increase in the number of meals consumed during the late-night period of additional wakefulness.